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Teaching each and every patient how to live life free of fear and confident in their own self- healing

At Quincy Physical Therapy we use the combination of manual therapy, exercise to get you to feeling better and to keep you better.  We believe that all healthy bodies are a result of a promotion of self-efficiency and self-resilience all via education of the self and the body. A large part of that education comes with learning the mobility and strengthening programs that we teach and share through our practice.  We treat each patient as an individual and design plans unique to you. We will teach you how to distill your fear and instill the confidence that you need in yourself, your body and your body’s movements to heal.  We don’t just look just at your isolated injury or pain, we look at the whole picture, we look at you.  We want to help teach you how to teach your body to learn how to heal itself through our professional and evidence-based approach at healing and getting healthy.  We want everyone to live a healthy, happy, pain-free life. 

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Our Team

Meet the team that’s here to get you healthy and happy!

Sam Frommelt

Sam is the managing partner of Quincy Physical Therapy. Sam attended Northeastern University where he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Sam’s clinical experience is very well-rounded including experience in acute care and outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. Sam’s experience in these settings has allowed him to gain valuable insight into treating a variety of ages and diagnosis. Sam has particular clinical interests in treating musculoskeletal, neurologic, and vestibular conditions. Sam holds multiple advanced certifications including dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and blood flow restriction therapy. He also has specialized training in spinal manipulation and strength training. Sam is a firm believer in being on the leading edge of evidence-based practice and holds lifelong learning in high regard.

In Sam’s free time, he enjoys strength training, watching sports, hiking, traveling and spending time with his family.