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Don’t Let Pain Take Over

exercise with pain

Changing Behaviors

Stop blaming your posture, occupation, stress, arthritis, etc. Find patterns in your pain and look for attributable lifestyle factors that you actually can change! Pain goes beyond what is actually happening inside your body and whatever pathology that you are blaming for your pain right now. General exercise that does not reproduce/intensify your pain can help even the most specific injury. Be optimistic and modify what you can modify, it can help!

Our biggest advice is finding exercise that you enjoy to do so that is sustainable and consistent in your daily life. We all have pain and experience it but the biggest difference between people is how we deal with our pain. Do we let it debilitate us or do we find ways to persevere through our pain?  We encourage you to not look at exercise as an all or nothing approach. We may not be able to exercise or train the way we could before our pain/injury but that does not mean we are incapable of staying active.

What does the road back to regular exercise look like?

At Quincy Physical Therapy, our biggest goal is getting you back to doing the things that you want to do. We focus on your deficits and patterns that may have played a role in causing the injury in the first place. Getting creative in finding ways to keep you exercising on your own is essential in your return to doing what you want to do. The return will be gradual and progressive, aimed to your specific goals.  We cannot expect to take a month or two off and return to our previous activity level. You are in control of your pain levels and we take the time to show you that. We are used to working with people who have never exercised in their lives up to the advanced levels of the gym rats. We are prepared to show you the path appropriate to your level at which you are able to start. Our skill comes in the ability to progress, regress, or stay at the same pace with your exercise plan and to not make your pain worse in the meantime!

If you would like to learn more before coming into Quincy Physical Therapy, give us a call at 617-481-2000 and ask to speak to a therapist regarding your symptoms or condition. You can also schedule a discovery session to learn more in person as well without committing to starting therapy.


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